Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer in Sweden, Underway

As promised, I've taken a few progress photos of the new afghan/throw. Or the motifs, rather. They're nowhere near being connected, yet.

Here they are in a couple of stacks (minus a couple that I've worked through to the next round)...

Summer in Sweden Throw - Motifs

And spread out in the first of two sets...

Summer in Sweden Throw - Motifs

They'll take much more room than this when they're done, of course. I just wanted to fit them into the photo and give you an idea of the color scheme.

Summer in Sweden Throw - Motifs

I still haven't decided if I'm going to stick to the "use each color only once per round (per batch)" rule. So far, I have, but I may change that in the fourth round... or in the next batch. I think I may want to work more of the dark blue and dark green into the motifs so those darkest colors don't seem too spotty.  (Besides, I love love love that dark prettiest-blue-ever, so I want there to be plenty of it in the blanket.)

It's coming along. I think I'm going to like the finished product, and this method certainly is fast. (I haven't done any end-weaving, though, so...)

- - - - - - -

I also took a few photos of the Fluffy Diamonds Pillow.  They're all basically the same photo, though, so here's just one of them:

Fluffy Diamonds Pillow

I've even used it once or twice, to prop up the Kindle when I'm reading or my elbow when I'm crocheting. (Fascinating information, I'm sure. (g))